Current Issue Table of Contents

Volume 43 Number 3-4  2016




  • Boyd Carr by J.W. Williamson ... 170

  • In Memoriam: Judith McCulloh, University of Illinois Press Music Editor, by Laurie Matheson ... 172

  • A “Love Affair with the People in the Back Parts of This Country”: Elia Kazan, the New Deal, and East Tennessee on Film by John C. Inscoe ... 174

  • Rebecca Harding Davis and the Politics of Postbellum Tourism in Southern Appalachia by Melanie Scriptunas ... 192

  • Orientalism and Beyond: Chinese Imagery in Appalachian Poetry by Edwina Pendarvis and Berlin Fang ... 224


  • Pine by Mark D. Hart ... 151
  • The Past in Four Parts by Clint Carroll ... 168
  • The Ridge by Kathryn Kirkpatrick ... 222
  • Cover Us with Mountains by V.C. McCabe ... 244
  • Broom by Mark D. Hart ... 251
  • A Meditation at Half-life, Bristol, Tennessee by Kevin Hadduck ... 263
  • The Removal of Kayford Mountain by Kaitlen Whitt ... 264
  • Family Recipe by Kaitlen Whitt ... 297
  • My Mother Remembers Buffalo, 1944-45 by Pauletta Hansel ... 299
  • Ghost by Clint Carroll ... 303


  • Zackary Vernon, Alternative Appalachia: A Review of Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean edited by Adrian Blevins and Karen Salyer McElmurray ... 246
  • Loyal Jones, On the Death of Union Organizer and Balladeer Ella May Wiggins, A Tale of Two Families: Review of
    Martyr of Loray Mill by Kristina Horton ... 252
  • T.R.C. Hutton on Justus S. Stearns by Michael Nagle ... 266
  • John C. Inscoe on Family of Earth: A Southern Mountain Childhood by Wilma Dykeman ... 267
  • Travis A. Rountree on Crooked Letter i, edited by Connie Griffin, Foreword by Dorothy Allison ... 270
  • Elizabeth Glass on African American and Cherokee Nurses in Appalachia by Phoebe Ann Pollitt ... 272
  • Elaine Fowler Palencia on Jesse Stuart: An Immortal Kentuckian by James Gifford and Erin R. Kazee ...273
  • Elizabeth Glass on The End of the Mountains by Casey Clabough ...276
  • Cody Miller on Southern Appalachian Farm Cooking by Robert G. Netherland ... 277
  • Michael Henson on The Man Who Saws Us in Half by Ron Houchin ....279
  • Jason Marc Harris on Oreads by John F. Lavelle ... 281
  • George E. Eklund on Going Places by Elaine Fowler Palencia ... 284
  • James Owens on This Shaky Earth by Linda Parsons Marion ... 286
  • Kevin W. Young on Chasing the North Star by Robert Morgan ... 289                                            

CHRONICLE ... 292                 


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