Volume 1 No. 3

$15 each

A special retrospective on Frank Proffitt:. "Good Times and Hard Times on the Beaver Dam Road" by Frank and Anne Warner, "Your Friend Frank: A Sampling from Frank Proffitt's letters," and "Good Memories for Me" by Frank Proffit. Also "Land of the Purple People Eaters" by Marie B. Mellinger.

"An Introduction to the Guineas: West Virginia's Melungeons" by Avery F. Gaskins.

"Indications of Regular Sound Shifting in an Appalachian Dialect" by Robert Callary.

Reviews by Jim Branscome (Death and the Mines: Rebellion and Murder in the United Mine Workers by Brit Hume), W. H. Ward (Only a Miner: Studies in Recorded Coal-Mining Songs by Archie Green, The Social Harp ed. Daniel W. Patterson and John F. Garst, and Eighty English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachian Mountains coll. Cecil J. Sharp and Maud Karpeles), Ruth Moose (Return the Innocent Earth by Wilma Dykeman), Harold Counihan (The Kingdom of Madison: A Southern Mountain Fastness and Its People by Manly Wade Wellman), and J.W. Williamson (Appalachian Dawn by John Foster Wes).

Brief Reviews by Charlotte Ross (Eastern Cherokees 1851 census compiled by David W. Siler, Tell Them They Lie by Traveller Bird, A Long, Long Day for November by Moffitt Sinclair Henderson, Covered Bridges of West Virginia, Past and Present by Myrtle Auvil, Blues and Roots/Rue and Bluets, A Garland for the Appalachians by Jonathan Williams, and Hillbilly Women: Mountain Women Speak of Struggle and Joy in Southern Appalachia by Kathy Kahn).

Poetry and fiction by Thelma Harrington Bell ("The Hickory Pole: A Ballad of the Blue Ridge"), Lillie D. Chaffin ("Senses Taking"), Henry Taylor ("Below Carvin's Cove"), Don Frantz ("Two Sonnets"), George Scarbrough ("The Private Papers of J.L. McDowell"), Malcolm Glass "Five Poems").


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