Volume 10 No. 3

$10 each

"Comparison of the Quality of Life in the Coal and Manufacturing Counties of Eastern Kentucky" by Cynthia L. Duncan and Ann R. Tickamyer. "Skyline Farms: A Case Study of Community Development and Rural Rehabilitation" by David Campbell and David Coombs. "Henry Glassie, Culture, and the Scotch-Irish" by Karl Raitz. "An Introduction to Eugene Healan Thomason: The 'Ashcan Artist' Who Came to the Mountains" by A. Everette James Jr., A. Everette James III, and Elizabeth Williams Thomason. "Some Questions about the ARC's Past and Its Possible Future" by Edgar Bingham. "Election '82: Democratic Resurgence in Appalachia" by C. David Sutton.

Fiction by Jo Carson ("Big Yellow Onions").

Poetry by Vicky Hayes ("The Country Store and Diner"). Book reviews by David Liden (Property Tax Effort in Eastern Kentucky Counties: Implications for Financing Public Services by Douglas Dotterweich and Current and Projected Socioeconomic Conditions of the Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River Basin of Kentucky and Virginia by Gary Cox).

Record reviews by Loyal Jones (Powerhouse for God: Sacred Speech, Chant, and Song in an Appalachian Baptist Church by Jeff Todd Titon, Primitive Baptist Hymns of the Blue Ridge recorded by Brett Sutton and Pete Hartman, and Children of the Heav'nly King: Religious Expression in the Central Blue Ridge ed. by Charles K. Wolfe) and John Morefield (The First Family of Country Music by Roni Stoneman and Where Rainbows Touch Down by The Bluegrass Cardinals).

"Signs of the Times."


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