Volume 10 No. 4

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"The Status of Formal Education in Central Appalachia" by Alan DeYoung. "Hollywood in the Hills": An interview with Hollywood scriptwriter Tom Rickman (Coal Miner's Daughter)."Wales and Appalachia -- Coal Mining, Culture, and Conflict" by Helen Lewis. "Don West's Sermon on the Mount" by Richard Marius.

Review essays: "Culture as Barter" by Jean Haskel Speer (The Barter Theatre Story: Love Made Visible by Mark Dawidziak), "The Mystifications of Post-Industrialism" by Alan Banks and Jim Foster (Appalachia and America: Autonomy and Regional Dependence ed. by Allen Batteau, and "The Solemn Burial of Dialect Humor" by Robert J. Higgs (Mirth of a Nation: America's Great Dialect Humor eds. Walter Blair and Raven I. McDavid Jr.).

Book reviews by William Schafer (The Winter People by John Ehle), David Whisnant (TVA and The Dispossessed: The Resettlement of Population in the Norris Dam Area by Michael J. McDonald and John Muldowney), Bill Lightfoot (I: Kentucky Country: Folk and Country Music of Kentucky by Charles K. Wolfe), Jonathan Greene (II: Kentucky Country: Folk and Country Music of Kentucky by Charles K. Wolfe), Phil Balla (The Orchard Keeper by Cormac McCarthy), George Holt (Folk Festivals: A Handbook for Organization and Management by Joe Wilson and Lee Udall), Doug Gamble (Appalachia: Social Context Past and Present, second edition, eds. Bruce Ergood and Bruce E. Kuhre), Peter Gottlieb (Wheelwright, Kentucky: Community in Transition by Stephan Clark King), John Stephenson and Dwight Billings (We're All Kin: A Cultural Study of a Mountain Neighborhood by F. Carlene Bryant).

Record reviews by Bill Lightfoot (It Still Lives by various artists, including Stanley Hicks, from Foxfire Records). Poetry by William Keith Hall ("His Dream's") and Maren Rose ("Cultivation").

"Signs of the Times."


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