Volume 11 No. 4

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"Appalachian Film List" compiled and edited by Laura Schuster & Sharyn McCrumb.

"Drama for Appalachians: Maryat Lee's Ecotheater" by William W. French. "Subsistence Farming, Capitalism, and the Depression in West Virginia" by Paul Salstrom. "The Asheville Citizen Strike: An Example of the Ineffectiveness of Appalachian Labor" by James S. Bissett.

Interviews with Appalshop filmmakers Herb E. Smith and Helen Lewis.

Poetry by Paul Ramsey ("These," "Visitant," and "Hoedown") and Jim Webb ("Get In, Jesus").

Review essay: "South and Non-South: Or, How Monochrome Was My Valley" by Werner Sollors (One South: An ethnic Approach to Regional Culture by John Shelton Reed), "Land Ownership in Appalachia: The Limits of Public Interest Research" by Gene Wunderlich (Who Owns Appalachia? by the Appalachian Land Ownership Trust), and "The Americanization of John Egerton and Aunt Arie" by Charles L. Perdue Jr. (Generations: An American Family by John Egerton and Aunt Arie: A Foxfire Portrait eds. Linda Garland and Eliot Wigginton).

Shorter book reviews by John Egerton (The Kidwells: A Family Odyssey by Dwayne E. Walls), Lynwood Montell (Flatlanders and Ridgerunners: Folktales from the Mountains of Northern Pennsylvania by James York Glimm), Wilma Dykeman (My Other Loneliness. Letters of Thomas Wolfe and Aline Bernstein ed. by Suzanne Stutman and Beyond Love and Loyalty. The Letters of Thomas Wolfe and Elizabeth Nowell Together with 'No More Rivers,' a story by Thomas Wolfe ed. by Richard S. Kennedy), Carl Ross (One of God's Children: In Toe River Valley by Robert B. Phillips), Charles Joyner (A Catalogue of Pre-Revival Appalachian Dulcimers by L. Allen Smith), and Thomas Shannon (Our Own Worst Enemy: the Impact of Military Production on the Upper South by the Highlander Research and Education Center).

Record reviews by Stephanie Perrin (New Leaves On an Old Tree by Caswell-Carnahan, Mountain Tales by Roadside Theater by Roadside Theater, and Hits from Home by Tom Bledsoe and Rich Kirby), Edelma de Leon (Fine Times At Our House by John McCutcheon, Second Helping by the Harmony Sisters, American Son by Kevin Delaney, and Finally Letting It Go by Geof Morgan), and Deb Thompson (Sandy's Fancy by Sandy Bradley and Green Sneakers by Robin Flowers).

A letter from Rodger Cunningham.

"Signs of the Times" and the quarterly "Chronicle" (some of the more remarkable events in recent Appalachian history).


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