Volume 14 No. 3

$10 each

"I wanted to go to school forever" by Lucinda Oakley Ogle. "True Grit: Conversations on the Appalachian Literary Renascence" by Bob Henry Baber (interviews with Bob Snyder, Don Askins, Gurney Norman, Jim Webb, Peggy Hall, Jim Wayne Miller). "Election '86: All Politics Is Local" by David Sutton.

Reviews by David E. Whisnant (Bluegrass: A History by Neil V. Rosenberg), Sandra L. Ballard (Hunter's Horn by Harriette Simpson Arnow), John M. Glen (Rural Community in the Appalachian South by Patricia Duane Beaver), Fred Chappell (O-Zone by Paul Theroux), George Scarbrough (The Girl in the Midst of the Harvest by Kathryn Stripling Byer), Gene Conti (TVA and the Tellico Dam 1936-1979 by William Bruce Wheeler and Michael J. McDonald), Durwood Dunn (Homewards: A Book of Tennessee Writers ed. by Douglas Paschall and Alice Swanson), Burt Purrington (The Eastern Band of Cherokees, 1819-1900 by John R. Finger), Sam Howie (Me and the Boy: Journey of Discovery - Father and Son on the Appalachian Trail by Paul Hemphill), Charles Alan Watkins (Doris Ulmann, American Portraits by David Featherstone), Thomas McGowan (Weaving Rag Rugs: A Women's Craft in Western Maryland by Geraldine Niva Johnson), Edgar Bingham (ARC from Implementation to Payoff Decade and Beyond by Stuart Seely Sprague), and "1986 Season of the Festival Theater at Rock Kiln Ruin" by William W. French.

Plus "Signs of the Times" and the "Chronicle."


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