Volume 15 No. 1

$10 each

"The Poverty of Abundance Revisited" by John Gaventa; "Reseeding Appalachian Soul: Bill Best's The Great Appalachian Sperm Bank" by Rodger Cunningham; "Say it ain't true, Davy! The Real David Crockett vs. The Backwoodsman in Us All" by Jesse Aquillah Jones.

Poetry by Judy K. Miller ("Widowed") and Terence Hoagwood ("Story-Telling in Appalachia").

Book, record, and film reviews by Albert H. Tillson Jr. (The Whiskey Rebellion: Frontier Epilogue to the American Revolution by Thomas P. Slaughter), Gerald Milnes (Fiddlin; Georgia Crazy: Fiddlin' John Carson, His Real World, and the World of His Songs by Gene Wiggins), Barbara Smith (Haskell by Ed Davis), Marie Tyler McGraw (Unseen Danger by David DeKok and Slow Burn: A Photodocument of Centralia, Pennsylvania by Renee Jacobs), Sam Howie (Rural Worlds Lost: The American South, 1920-1960 by Jack Temple Kirby and Southern Folk, Plain and Fancy: Native White Social Types by John Shelton Reed), John Alexander Williams (Good Friends and Bad Enemies: Robert Winslow Gordon and the Study of American Folksong by Debora Kodish), Thomas R. Shannon (Enforcement of Negotiation: Constructing a Regulatory Bureaucracy by Neal Shover), Loyal Jones (Long Journey Home a film directed by Elizabeth Barrett), and William E. Lightfoot (Good Time and Hard Time Old-Time From County a set of albums from Country Records).

Plus "Signs of the Times" and the "Chronicle."


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