Volume 15 No. 4

$10 each

"John Sayles Plays the Preacher" [review of Matewan (film) and Thinking in Pictures: The Making of the Movie "Matewan"] by John Alexander Williams; "Hatfields and McCoys Revised" by James C. Klotter; "Feudin', Prayin', Writin' by Bill Ellis.

Poetry by Jeff Daniel Marion ("Signs of the Times: Poems found by the Roadsides" and "An Agrarian Triumph on the Final Marquee of Maloy Drive-In Theatre at Mossy Creek, Tennessee) and Kenneth King ("I Do Not Get to Gobble Gobble").

Reviews by Robert J. Higgs (The Humor of H.E. Taliaferro Edited by Raymond C. Craig), Joyce Dyer (The Southern Family by Gail Godwin), Jean Haskell Speer (Storming Heaven by Denise Giardina), Matthew R. Walpole (The History of Jackson County Edited by Max R. Williams), Phillip J. Obermiller (Building Appalachia's Capacity to Compete: Report to the Appalachian Regional Commission SRI INternational, Center for Economic Competitiveness), Llewellyn McKernan (Father Time and the Day Boxes by George Ella Lyon, A Regular Rolling Noah by George Ella Lyon, Borrowed Children by George Ella Lyon, In the Time of Nick by Bob Henry Baber, Ice Cycle Soup poem by Bob Henry Baber, A Bed Time Rhyme poem by Bob Henry Baber, and Appalachian Scrapbook: An A,B,C, of Growing Up in the Mountains by Pauline Cheek), Burton L. Purrington (Indian Mounds of the Middle Ohio Valley: A Guide to Adena and Ohio Hopewell Sites by Susan L. Woodward and Jerry N. McDonald, also Indian Mounds of the Atlantic Coast: A Guide to Sites from Maine to Florida by Jerry N. McDonald and Susan L. Woodward), William M. Hutchins (Ransack by Michael Henson, also A Small Room with Trouble on My Mind and Other Stories by Mike Henson), Rebecca Winders (Kingsport, Tennessee: A Planned American by Margaret Ripley Wolfe), John M. Glen (Voices from the Sixties a four-part radio documentary), Bill Ellis (Murder, Mayhem, Hydrophobia (and just plain ol' dyning in Central West Virginia) by Shirley E. Grose), John Morefield (Stories from Sherwood Anderson Country: Contest Winners, 1976-1986 Edited by Charles E. Modlin and Hilbert Campbell), and Ivan M. Tribe (Appalachian Music on Flying Fish Records).

Letters from Bill Best and Martin Morse Wooster.

Plus "Signs of the Times" and the "Chronicle."


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