Volume 18 No. 1

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Interview with Marilou Awiakta, "Reweaving the Future," by Thomas Rain Crowe; "What Doth it Profit? The Study of Mountain Religion," a round-table discussion, including "The Social Sciences and Born-Again Religion" by Paul Salstrom; 'Being There': The Hermeneutic of Facticity, of Presence" by Deborah Vansau McCauley; "The Eagerness to Theorize" by Howard Dorgan; "Is the Past Another Country?" by Altina Waller; "Titon's Mirror" by Charles T. Davis III; "Crossing Academic Disciplines" by Jeff Todd Titon. "Scotch-Irish and Others" by Rodger Cunningham.

Poetry by Joseph Barrett ("Perverse Milk Runaway"), Michael Chitwood ("A Sense of Place"), Dana Wildsmith ("New Poor"), and P.J. Laska ("The Race of the Century").

Book reviews by Charles Alan Watkins (Images of the Appalachian Coalfields by Builder Levy), Richard Marius (Brighten the Corner Where You Are by Fred Chappell), Mack H. Gillenwater (Little Cities of Black Diamonds: Urban Development in the Hocking Coal Region, 1870-1900 by Ivan M. Tribe, Sprinkled with Coal Dust: Life and Work in the Hocking Coal Region, 1870-1900 by Ivan M. Tribe), Robert Conte (A Village Tapestry: The History of Blowing Rock by Barry M. Buxton), Guy L. Osborne (Four Voices: Stories of Community Based Education a film by Pamela Yates), John Alexander Williams (The History of the Greenbrier, America's Resort by Robert S. Conte), J. Linn Mackey (Conscience of a Conservationist by Michael Frome), and Gilbert O. Steensma (Appalachian Authors: A Selective Bibliography by Jefferson D. Caskey).

A film review by Guy L. Osborne and record reviews by Dennis J. Delprato and Rachel B. Harley. An obituary on Myles Horton by John Egerton.

"Signs of the Times" and the "Chronicle."


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