Volume 22 No. 4

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"Old Appalachia's Path to Interdependency: Economic Development and the Creation of Community in Western Maryland, 1730-1850" by James D. Rice; "West Virginia's Omie Wise: The Folk Process Unveiled" by Gerald Milnes; an interview with Raymond Fairchild by Britt Long.

Reviews by John Alexander Williams (Southwest Virginia's Railroad: Modernization and the Sectional Crisis by Kenneth W. Noe), John Lang (Old Wounds, New Words: Poems from the Appalachian Poetry Project edited by Bob Henry Baber, The Holy Season: Walking in the Wild. Poems Sacred and Profane. by Albert Stewart, A Picture from Life's Other Side: Appalachian Poems by Bob Henry Baber, The Helen Poems by Victor Depta, So Far by Ted Olson, and Lost & Found by Jeff Daniel Marion), Stephen D. Mooney (Those That Mattered by Barbara Angle), Sam Howie (Absentee Landowning and Exploitation in West Virginia, 1760-1920 by Barbara Rasmussem), Mary Heather Smith (Hillbillyland: What the Movies Did to the Mountains and What the Mountains Did to the Movies by J.W. Williamson), Melinda Bollar Wagner (Appalachian Atlas by Clifford A. Grammich Jr.), Gordon Simmons (Shelter by Jayne Anne Phillips), and Edward L. Henson Jr. (Daughters of Canaan: A Saga of Southern Women by Margaret Ripley Wolfe).

Poetry by Victor M. Depta ("Prosody in the Mountains" and "Mountain Poet").

"Signs of the Times" and the "Chronicle."


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