Volume 26 No. 2

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"Diaspora, Death, and Sexual Exploitation: Slave Families at Risk in the Mountain South" by Wilma A. Dunaway; "The Blair Committee Investigation of 1883: Industrialization in the Southern Mountains" by Gordon B. McKinney; "Anger and Hope, In Nearly Equal Measure: An Interview With Steve Fisher;" and "Blessed Are the Rich (For Theirs Is a Seat in Congress): The Election of 1998" by David Sutton.

Poetry by Dana Wildsmith ("Searching for Signs") and John F. Keener ("Migration").

Book reviews by Chris Bolgiano (Transforming the Appalachian Countryside: Railroads, Deforestation, and Social Change in West Virginia, 1880-1920 by Ronald L. Lewis), John C. Hennen (The Road by John Ehle and An Appalachian New Deal: West Virginia in the Great Depression by Jerry Bruce Thomas), Phillip J. Obermiller (Practicing Community: Class, Culture, and Power in an Urban Neighborhood by Rhoda H. Halperin), Donald Edward Davis (The Appalachian Forest: A Search for Roots and Renewal by Chris Bolgiano and A Natural History of Mount Le Conte by Kenneth Wise and Ron Peterson), Lynn Moss Sanders (The Untold Story of Frankie Silver: Was She Unjustly Hanged? by Perry Dean Young), David L. Kimbrough (Love Valley: An American Utopia by Conrad Ostwalt) , Gordon B. McKinney (A New South Rebellion: The Battle Against Convict Labor in the Tennessee Coalfields, 1871-1896 by Karin A. Shapiro), and Edwin T. Arnold (Blood Feud: A Novel by Annabel Thomas).

"Signs of the Times" and the "Chronicle."


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