Volume 27 No. 1

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"Buffalo Creek Revisited: Deconstructing Kai Erikson's Stereotypes" by Lynda Ann Ewen and Julia A Lewis; "Grassroots Environmentalism: Origins of the Western North Carolina Alliance" by Kathryn Newfont; "The Consolidation Coal Company Photograph Collection, 1910-1945" by Geoffrey L. Buckley and Timothy G. Anderson. Reviews by Conrad Ostwalt (Christianity in Appalachia: Profiles in Regional Pluralism ed. Bill J. Leonard), Paul Salstrom (Faith and Meaning in the Southern Uplands by Loyal Jones), Sarah H. Hill (Cherokee Women: Gender and Culture Change, 1700-1835 by Theda Perdue), Ivan M. Tribe (Play of a Fiddle: Traditional Music, Dance, and Folklore in West Virginia by Gerald Milnes), Jonathan D. Sarris (Thomas Lanier Clingman: Fire Eater From the Carolina Mountains by Thomas E. Jeffrey), Thomas McGowan (The Storytellers' Journey: An American Revival by Joseph Daniel Sobol), Jim Sessions (Worlds Apart: Why Poverty Persists in Rural America by Cynthia M. Duncan), Richard Mulcahy (Black Lung: Anatomy of a Public Health Disaster by Alan Derickson, The Challenge of Interracial Unionism: Alabama Coal Miners, 1878-1921 by Daniel Letwin, Coal: A Memoir and Critique by Duane Lockard), and Charleen W. Beckwith (My Father, Daniel Boone: The Draper Interviews with Nathan Boone, ed. Neal O. Hammon). With the "Signs of the Times" and "Chronicle."


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