Volume 27 No. 4

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"Thomas Wolfe Gets Over Himself" by John L. Idol; "Herbal Medicine in Cameroon and North Carolina" by Nga Joseph Timah; "Grassroots Rule: Richard Couto on the Democratic Prospect for Appalachia" by Steve Fisher; "Interview with Loyal Jones" interviewed by Lori Briscoe, Erica S. Collins, Amanda Deal, Ron Hancock, and Kristyn McGraw. Poetry by Richard Hague ("Sky King Sells His Satin Sheets" and "A Wrench My Grandfather Left"). "A Camera with a Gun: A Discussion of Stranger with a Camera," by Ruth Ellen Blakeney, Donovan Cain, Erica S. Collins, Amanda Deal, Kelly H. Elliott, Kristina Marie Heiks, Patricia Lyn Kilby, Laurie Lea Lyda, Jeannie C. Parker, Diane Price, Scott J. Sebok, and Jinny Turman. Reviews by Rodger Cunningham (Shared Traditions: Southern History and Folk Culture by Charles Joyner), Lisa Yarger (It All Happened in Renfro Valley by Pete Stamper), Anthony Cavender (Authorized to Heal: Gender, Class, and the Transformation of Medicine in Appalachia, 1880-1930 by Sandra Lee Barney), Paul Salstrom (Reclaiming the Commons: Community Farms and Forests in a New England Town by Brian Donahue), and Gordon B. McKinney (Bluegrass Confederate: The Headquarters Diary of Edward O. Guerrant, eds. William C. Davis and Meredith L. Swentor).With the "Signs of the Times" and "Chronicle."


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