Volume 29 No. 1-2

$20 each

A Festschrift in honor of J.W. Williamson.


"Remembering James Still" by Gurney Norman.

Poetry by Robert Morgan ("Blowing Rock"), Hilda Downer ("The Source of Confessional Poetry Along the Toe" and "Katy's Heart"), Jeff Daniel Marion ("Detroit: November 1943," "Night Train, 1944," and "Jack Taylor's Garage"), John Foster West ("Meditations on Cloud 10"), and Jim Webb ("Bush Man," "Black Mountain," and "Montani Semper Liberi").

"Country Comedy: Victim of Pseudo-Sophistication and Political Correctness" by Loyal Jones;

"Zeb Vance and the Construction of the Western North Carolina Railroad" by Gordon B. McKinney;

"'The primitive circle': Inscribing Class in Southern Appalachian Travel Writing" by Katherine Ledford;

"'Making Hope Practical and Despair Unconvincing': Some Thoughts on Transformative Education" by Steve Fisher;

"The Hillbilly in the Living Room: Television Representations of Southern Mountaineers in Situation Comedies, 1952-1971" by Anthony Harkins;

"Looking for the Quintessential June: Archetypes and Stereotypes in Fox's Film Legacy" by Sharon Hatfield;

"Truth or Consequences: The Blair Witch Project, Stranger with a Camera, & Regional Cultural Politics" by Douglas Reichert Powell;

"Appalachia Art Brut: Reflections on the Life Works of Fred J. Carter" by Jack Wright;

"'Sort of like an Appalachian Journal Editor': Presenting and Playing with Identity in the Storytelling of Orville Hicks" by Thomas McGowan;

"Robert Morgan's Mountain Voice and Lucid Prose" by Cecelia Conway;

AppalJ Roundtable Discussion of American Hollow, with Chad Berry, Dwight B. Billings, Amy Tipton Cortner, Anna Creadick, Anthony Harkins, Fred J. Hay, Katherine E. Ledford, Charles J. Maland, Mimi Pickering, Douglas Reichart Powell, and Gerald C. Wood.

Reviews by Mark A. Weitz, Patrick Bizzaro, Gordon B. McKinney, Edwin T. Arnold, Carol Boggess, Robert L. Reid, Sheila Kay Adams, Jonathan Greene, Jim Minick, and Fawn Valentine.

With the "Signs of the Times" and "Chronicle."


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