Volume 3 No. 3

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"The Southern Mountaineer in Fact and Fiction, Part III: Ch. 5 Fictional Stereotypes of the Southern Mountaineer, Ch. 6 The Primitive Stereotype in Conflict with Outside Influences, Ch. 7 Settlement Centers, Mission Schools, and 'Fotched on Women'" by Cratis Williams, edited by Martha H. Pipe. "Folk Vocabulary of Western North Carolina" by Ted Roland Ledford.

Reviews by Henry Taylor (Statues of the Grass by James Applewhite and No Running on the Boardwalk by Paul Ramsey), Victor M. Depta (8th Day 13th Moon by Lillie D. Chaffin and Mountain Measure: A Southern Appalachian Verse Notebook by Francis Pledger Hulme), John Foster West (Us Poor Folks and the Things of Dog Flat Hollow by Donald L. McCurry), "Recent Books of Special Interest" by George Bennett (Ghosts Along the Cumberland; Deathlore in the Kentucky Foothills by William Lynwood Montell, Witches, Ghosts and Signs: Folklore of the Southern Appalachians by Patrick W. Gainer, Voices from the Hills: Selected Readings of Southern Appalachia ed. Robert J. Higgs and Ambrose N. Manning, Appalachia: Its People, Heritage, and Problems ed. Frank S. Riddel, Who Speaks for Appalachia? ed. Cecille Haddix, Act of Vengeance: The Yablonksi Murders and Their Solution by Trevor Armbrister and Murder by Contract: The People v. 'Tough Tony' Boyle by Arthur H. Lewis).

Music Reviews by W.H. Ward (The End of An Old Song by Dillard Chandler, On Close to Home by Roscoe Holcomb, and Walkin' in the Parlor by the Iron Mountain String Band).

Poetry by Jeff Daniel Marion ("Deserted Barn"), Robert Parham ("Tag"), Robert W. Hill ("Girl in a Barber's Shop).

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