Volume 31 No. 3-4

$20 each

"A Citizen and a Native: An Interview with Wendell Berry" by Jim Minick, "AppalJ Roundtable Discussion: Cold Mountain, The Film" by E.T. Arnold, Tyler Blethen, Amy Tipton Cortner, Anna Creadick, John Crutchfield, Silas House, John Inscoe, Gordon McKinney, Jack Wright, "Keith Maillard: Five Novels of Raysburg, West Virginia" by Meredith Sue Willis, "Big Ugly Creek, West Virginia: Interview with Writer Lenore McComas Coberly" by Paul Salstrom,"Thanks for Not Shooting Me"—A Review-Essay on Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachian Lives by Katherine E. Ledford.

Poetry by Stephen Holt ("Time Was, In Your Cities" and "At the Church in the Valley"), Al Maginnes ("The Hawk in the Ballpark" and "The Evolution of Bread"), Dory L. Hudspeth ("Sine and Cosine in Black" and "Making Do"), Richard Hague ("Jesus H. Christ"), R.T. Smith ("Fiddlewood: Fancy Gap's Monk Daniels Testifies"), Lenore McComas Coberly ("Shenandoah"), Jeff Mann ("Queen Anne's Lace"), Leslie M. LaChance ("Father: Self-Employed" and "Poem Without Him") and Bob Henry Baber ("I'm not broke...").

Reviews by Tyler Blethen (Mount Mitchell and the Black Mountains: An Environmental History of the Highest Peaks in Eastern America by Timothy Silver), David Haney (The Bill Monroe Reader, edited by Tom Ewing), Leslie Liedel (Mountain Sisters by Helen M. Lewis and Monica Appleby), Theresa Lloyd (Weavers of the Southern Highlands by Philis Alvic), Kevin E. O’Donnell (The Blackwater Chronicle by Philip Pendleton Kennedy. Edited by Timothy Sweet), Lana Whited (Ghost Riders by Sharyn McCrumb).

With a letter to the editor by Wilma A. Dunaway and the "Signs of the Times" and "Chronicle."


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