Volume 33 No. 1

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"In Memoriam: Mary Lee Settle, 1918-2005" by Joyce Dyer. "Interview with John Ehle" by Carol Boggess. "Community Self-Help Activism in Water/Sewer Development: Case Studies from McDowell County, West Virginia, and Lechter County, Kentucky" by Gary A. O'Dell. "Religion, Race, Gender, and Education: The Allen School, Asheville, North Carolina, 1885 to 1974" by Jamie Butcher.

Poetry by Janice Townley Moore ("Note to the King of Green Lawn Service"), George Ella Lyon ("All"), Jacob Strautmann ("Poem for You"), and Neva Hamilton ("Green Onions").

Reviews by Conrad Ostwalt (Handling Serpents: Pastor Jimmy Morrow's Narrative History of His Appalachian Jesus' Name Tradition by Jimmy Morrow with Ralph W. Hood Jr, editor), Jerry Davila (The Maya of Morganton: Work and Communty in the Nuevo New South by Leon Fink), Paul Salstrom (An Archaeological Study of Rural Capitalism and Material Life: The Gibbs Farmstead in Southern Appalachia, 1790-1920 by Mark D. Groover), Christopher B. Teuton (Voices from The Trail of Tears and Cherokee Voices: Early Accounts of Cherokee Life in the East. Edited by Vicki Rozema), Charles L. Smith (The ECO Guide to Environmental Careers That Make a Difference: Environmental Work for a Sustainable World by Environmental Careers Organization. Edited by Beth Ginsberg), John Lang (Experimentation and Versatility: The Early Novels and Short Fiction of Fred Chappell by Casey Howard Clabough), Leigh Ann Henion (Prodigals by Mark Powell), Casey Clabough (Bitter Milk by John McManus).

Museum review by Theresa Burchett-Anderson (Birthplace of Country Music Alliance Museum in Bristol, Tennessee-Virginia).

With the "Signs of the Times" and "Chronicle."


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