Volume 33 No. 3-4

$20 each

"Both Ends of the Road: Making the Appalachian Connection" by William H. Turner. "The Sago Mine Disaster: Another Way of Seeing" by Mark DeFoe. "'It's Not a Job to Me': Mike Mullins and the Hindman Settlement School" by Dare Cook, Ashley Crabtree, Aaron Davis, Katie Gray, Michael Troy, with Patricia Beaver [PDF, 3.5 MB].

Review Essay by Amy McNeese-Mechan (Transatlantic Scots by Celeste Ray).

Reviews by Anthony Harkins (The United States of Appalachia by Jeff Biggers), Lana A. Whited (Never Seen the Moon: The Trials of Edith Maxwell by Sharon Hatfield), Erica Abrams Locklear (Whistlin' and Crowin' Women of Appalachia: Literacy Practices since College by Katherine Kelleher Sohn), Norma Myers (Memories of Old Smoky: Early Experiences in the Great Smoky Mountains by Carlos C. Campbell, ed. Rebecca Campbell Arrants), Martha Billips (The Collected Short Stories of Hariette Simpson Arnow eds. Sandra L. Ballard and Haeja K. Chung), Pat Arnow (Best of the South: From the Second Decade of New Stories from the South selected by Anne Tyler, ed. Shannon Ravenel), Robert West (Shinemaster and Never Closer by Michael McFee), Marianne Worthington (What Travels With Us by Darnell Arnoult), Jeff Mann (The Place Setting by Fred W. Sauceman), and Shannon Wilson (Berry College: A History by Ouida Dickey and Doyle Mathis).

Poetry by David Wayne Hampton ("Yelling Into the Mouth of a Cave"), Kathryn Kirkpatrick ("The Poets Give Up on Meaning"), Brently Johnson ("The Periodical Cicada"), Linda Parsons Marion ("Madame Alexander"), Jim R. Hinsdale ("Opening Day, Cherokee, NC - 2004"), Jeri McCormick ("To Charlotte, after the stroke"), Heather Ross Miller ("Teaching Among Tattoos"), Glenis Redmond ("Sign of the Times" and "Sticks & Stones"), John Thomas York ("Teaching Time"), and Katherine Smith ("Exhibit's End" and "Rebel Song").

With a letter to the editor (from Tricia Hearn) and the "Signs of the Times" and "Chronicle."


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