Volume 34 No. 1

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"Payson Kennedy, the Nantahala Outdoor Recreation Center, & Troubled Times in North Carolina's Whitewater Recreation Industry": An interview with Payson Kennedy by Gerald Thurmond. "An Excerpt from 'The Early Life of William Albert Wilson': A Civil War Memoir of Community in Ashe County, North Carolina" by William Albert Wilson. "Guerilla War and Remembrance" by John C. Inscoe. "The Civil War on the North Fork of the New River: the Cultural Politics of Elevation & Sustaining Community" by Patricia D. Beaver. Book Reviews by Logan Brown (Creating the Land of the Sky: Tourism and Society in Western North Carolina by Richard D. Starnes), Kim Donehower (Living Folklore: An Introduction to the Study of People and Their Traditions by Martha C. Sims and Martine Stephens), Barry Whittemore (The Tennessee-Virginia Tri-Cities: Urbanization in Appalachia, 1900-1950 by Tom Lee), and Elaine Fowler Palencia (Can a Democrat Get into Heaven? Politics, Religion & Other Things You Ain't Supposed to Talk About and Appalachian Studies by Anne Shelby). Poetry by: David Salner ("The Solvitall Salesman At a Plant Safety Meeting"), Rachel Jennings ("Hermitage"), James Engelhardt ("Use of Hands"), and Tim Poland ("At First They Startle You" and "Reflex"). With the "Signs of the Times" and "Chronicle."


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