Volume 35 No. 1-2

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Letter to the Editor by William L. Dockery, "A Successful Strike: 'The Entire Community is with the Employees'" by Daniel R. Varat, "I Always Used 'I'" by Bill Best, "Mountaineer Queer: An Interview with Jeff Mann" by Rebecca Baird and Kathryn Staley, "'Foolin' With Me is Like Makin' Faces at a Rattlesnake': Signifyin(g) in Mary N. Murfree's 'Electioneerin' on Big Injun Mounting'" by Christopher Bundrick, "Another Reappraisal: The Cultural Work of Mary Noailles Murfree's In the Tennessee Mountains" by Karen J. Jacobsen. Reviews by Neva Jean Specht (Super-Scenic Motorway: A Blue Ridge Parkway History by Anne Mitchell Whisnant), Sharon Hatfield (Afflicting the Comfortable: Journalism and Politics in West Virginia by Thomas F. Stafford), John Inscoe (Ginseng Dreams: The Secret World of America's Most Valuable Plant by Kristin Johannsen and Ginseng, the Divine Root: The Curious History of the Plant that Captivated the World by David A. Taylor), Amy Tipton Cortner (Reclaiming the American Farmer: The Reinvention of a Regional Mythology in Twentiteth-Century Southern Writing by Mary Weaks-Baxter), Joseph Schaub (How Celtic Culture Invented Souther Literature by James P. Cantrell), Resa Crane Bizzaro (Appalachian Home Cooking: History, Culture, and Recipes by Mark F. Sohn), Frankie Finley (Loving Mountains, Loving Men by Jeff Mann), Amy Tipton Cortner (Homeplace Geography: Essays For Appalachia by Donald E. Davis), Moura McGovern (Sarah's Girls: A Chronicle of Big Ugly Creek by Lenore McComas Coberly), and Tim Dunn (Breathing in Darkness by Ted Olson). Poetry by Gilbert Allen ("Parade of Days"), Barbara Wade ("New Bridge Over Stillhouse Branch"), Rita Quillen ("Back When I Wrote Poems"), George Ella Lyon ("Why"), and Donald R. Johnson ("Pink Poca Dot"). With the "Signs of the Times" and "Appalachia by the Numbers."


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