Volume 36 No. 3-4

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"Major Turning Points: Rethinking Appalachian Migration," a discussion including: "A Sociological Eye on Urban Appalachians" by Roger Guy; "Appalachians, Southern Whites, and the Great Migration" by J. Trent Alexander; "Appalachian Migrants Have Assimilated" by William Philliber; "Reflections on the Migrant Experience" by Michael Maloney; "The State of Scholarship on Migrants from the Mountains" by Bruce Tucker; "On Wholes and Parts and Something Inbetween" by Chad Berry; "The Role of Migration Research in Appalachian Studies" by Phillip J. Obermiller. "The 2008 Presidential Election in Appalachia: Reading from the Margins" by David Sutton. “'Invent Something Local': An Interview with Steven Hopp" by Jim Minick. "The Power of James Still" by Bill Weinberg. "'Anything Worth Doing...': An Interview with Joel Salatin" by Anne E. Chesky. "Coming from West Virginia: Interview with Songwriter Tom Breiding" by Jacob Strautmann.

Review Essays by Thomas Douglass ("No More Appalachian Ghosts: Jayne Anne Phillips' New Novel, Lark and Termite"), Donald Secreast ("Look Homeward, Angler" on Tim Poland’s The Safety of Deep Water), John Lang ("'This World's Steady Unfolding': Jim Minick's Poetry).

Reviews by Meredith Doster (The Old German Baptist Brethren: Faith, Farming, and Change in the Virginia Blue Ridge by Charles D. Thompson Jr.), Briscoe C. Darling (Pressing On: The Roni Stoneman Story by Roni Stoneman, as told to Ellen Wright), Donald Good (All Around the Track by Anne B. Jones and Rex White), Drew A. Swanson (The Snail Darter Case: TVA Versus the Endangered Species Act by Kenneth M. Murchison), William Jolliff (From Whence by Michael Chitwood), Jacob Strautmann (The Unbroken Circle: Songs of the West Virginia Coalfields by Tom Breiding).

Poetry by Elaine Fowler Palencia ("Confessing to James Still," "Going Places"), Elizabeth Hunter ("Grace"), Susan O'Dell Underwood ("Holler"), Sam L. Linkous ("The Man Who Used to Live Here"), Raymond Neely ("Poets"), and Grace Leonard ("Airborne").

With the "Signs of the Times," "Chronicle," and "Appalachia by the Numbers."


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