Volume 4 No. 3-4

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"Up'n under Appalachia: Some Thoughts on Appalachia and the 1976 Election" by Steve Fisher. "The Coal Barons of the Appalachian South, 1880-1930" by Ron Eller. "A Case for Appalachian Demographic History" by Hal Seth Barron. "The Great Appalachian Iron and Coal Town Boom of 1889-1893" by Stuart Seely Sprague. "Language Assessment in Appalachia: A Sociolinguistic Perspective" by Walt Wolfram. "Humanizing the Language Arts in Appalachian Schools" by Thomas Cloer. "The Spirit Is Strong in the Root" together with "A Brief Mountain Herbal" by Marie B. Mellinger.

Poetry by Howard Mohr ("Quitting"), Philip Dentinger ("Camping on the French River," "Inquisitive I Approach This Man," and "Fall Evening"), Shelby Stephenson ("Country Painter"), John Vernon ("Snow"), Don Johnson ("For Wilma, For Whom"), Steve Lewandowski ("One Lesson" and "Thaw"), and Louis Jenkins ("Cold & Applejack").

Reviews by Tom McGowan (Bibliography of Southern Appalachia ed. Charlotte T. Ross), George Scarbrough (Ann by John Vernon, The Voice of Thy Brother's Blood by Mary Balaz, Tell Me No Sad Tales by Quentin Howard, Scream of the Midnight Owl by Randy Smallwood, Robert Morgan's poetry in The Small Farm, Medina and Other Poems by Neil Graves, Westward from Bald Mountain by Bettie M. Sellers illustrated by Deborah K. Wood, and Upon Loving, Losing, and Other Thoughts by Jerry Robinson), Richard Dorson (The McCoys: Their Story as Told to the Author by Eye Witnesses and Descendents by Truda Williams McCoy), Richard Humphrey (The Chalice and the Covenant: A History of the New Covenant Baptist Association 1868-1975 by Mark S. Sexton), Gene Conti (Appalachia: Social Context Past and Present eds. Bruce Ergood and Bruce E. Kuhre), Charles Lieble (North Carolina Atlas: Portrait of a Changing Southern State eds. James W. Clay, Douglas M. Orr Jr., and Alfred W. Stuart).

Brief Reviews by George Bennett (Stalking Blind by Steven Ashley, The Year the Lights Came On by Terry Kay, The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter, Appalachian Valley by George L. Hicks, Loretta Lynn: Coal Miner's daughter by Loretta Lynn and George Vecsey, The Long Tunnel: A Coal Miner's Journal by Meade Arble, Appalachian Ways by the Appalachian Regional Commission, and "On Jordan's Stormy Banks: Religion in the South" Southern Exposure vol. 4 no.3).

Brief Music Reviews by W.H. Ward (Love, Hell, and Biscuits by Hedy West, Celebration! Old-Time Music at Berea by various artists, and American Sampler by Buddy Spicher).


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