Volume 40 No. 3-4

$20 each

VOLUME 40, NOS. 3 & 4 (Spring-Summer 2013) $20.00

Up No Business Creek by Harold Branam poetry...149

Signs of the Times ...150

The Poets ...163

Standing Proud by David Black poetry...164

Notes and Words by Sue Weaver Dunlap poetry...165

First Person--The AppalJ of My Eye: From Appalachian Studies to American Studies, and Back by Anna Creadick...166

Flyrock by Joseph Bathanti poetry... 172

Knead by Sue Weaver Dunlap poetry...173

Fifty Years of Appalachian Advocacy: An Interview with Mike Maloney by Thomas E. Wagner, Phillip J. Obermiller, Melinda B. Wagner...174

Breakfast by George Ella Lyon poetry... 219

“A Combination of Small Town and Long Perspective”: An Interview with Appalachian Writer Meredith Sue Willis by Sarah Dufaure...220

First Memory by Rita Quillen poetry...230

Bethel: Mountain Tobacco Farming in Western North Carolina by Jonathan Buchanan... 232

Lover, Partner, and Parent in James Still’s Chinaberry by Thomas Alan Holmes...266

Resisting the Rapture by Gilbert Allen poetry...276

Kayford by Joseph Bathanti poetry...285

Review essays

  • The Poetry of Richard Hague: During the Recent Extinctions: New and Selected Poems by Michael Henson...278
  • Artistry and Versatility in Marie Manilla’s Shrapnel and Still Life with Plums by Viki Rouse...286


  • Stephen Fisher on Confronting Ecological Crisis in Appalachia and the South edited by Stephanie McSpirit, Lynne Faltraco, and Conner Bailey...294
  • Sarah Mittlefehldt on Spirit of the Appalachian Trail by Susan Power Bratton...296
  • Patrick Bizzaro on Red Holler edited by John Branscum and Wayne Thomas... 297
  • Anita Turpin on Harvest of Fire by Lee Howard... 300
  • William Jolliff on Inhabiting Contemporary Southern and Appalachian Literature by Casey Clabough...302
  • Robert Gipe on Crapalachia: A Biography of a Place by Scott McClannahan...306
  • Carol Boggess on The Hills Remember: The Complete Short Stories by James Still edited by Ted Olson...308
  • Meredith Doster on I’ll Keep On Singing (DVD) produced by Stephen Shearon and Mary Nichols...309
  • Trevor McKenzie on Old-Time Smoky Mountain Music (CD) produced by Ted Olson, Michael Montgomery, Kent Cave, and Steve Kemp... 311
  • John Lang on Descent: Poems by Kathryn Stripling Byer...314
  • William Jolliff on Cold Spring Rising by John York... 317

Edwina Pendarvis on Revelations: Poems by Ted Olson... 319

William Jolliff on That Was Oasis by Michael McFee... 321

Chronicle ...324

Appalachia By the Numbers ...328


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