Volume 41 No. 3-4

$20 each

VOLUME 41, NOS. 3 & 4 (SPRING & SUMMER 2014) $20.00



  • In Memoriam: Tommy Walsh (1937-2013) by Willard C. Watson III... 206
  • In Memoriam: Durwood Clay Dunn (1943-2014) by Daniel Pierce... 210
  • [E]ppalachia: Rural Ethos, Online Discourse, and Cyber-Frontiers by Jessie Blackburn... 214
  • Engaging in Community Transformation: An Interview with Patricia D. Beaver by Jared W. Gallamore, Misa L. Giroux, Jo Harris, Brittany R. Hicks, Timothy C. McWilliams, William Ritter, Rachel Ellen Simon, David H. Walker, with Sandra L. Ballard... 232
  • Celebration Honoring Patricia D. Beaver, on Her Retirement by Steve Fisher, Maggie McFadden, Susan Keefe, Robert Gipe, Robert White, Susannah White, Mark Freed, John Inscoe, Grace Toney Edwards, Gurney Norman, Jerry Wayne Williamson... 264
  • “Civilians Came Second”: The Impact of World War II Defense Plants on African American and Appalachian Neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati by Pamela C. Twiss and Phillip J. Obermiller... 284
  • From Local to Global: Focus on the Interconnections: An Interview with John Gaventa by Jared W. Gallamore, Misa L. Giroux, Jo Harris, Brittany R. Hicks, Timothy C. McWilliams, William Ritter, with Patricia D. Beaver... 310
  • Cormac McCarthy’s Twisted Creature: Is Lester Ballard a Child of the Christian God? by Woods Nash... 334

The Poets … 201

  • Tire Swing by Robert Morgan ... 185
  • Door Suite by Scott Goebel ... 202
  • Cleaving to That by Joseph Bathanti ... 209
  • Three Convicts Await Sentencing on Hiroshima Day by Rachel Jennings ... 212
  • Spit Bugs by Robert Morgan ... 230
  • Log Tote by Robert Morgan ... 231
  • Some Memory of Writing the Land by Lucien Darjeun Meadows ... 263
  • Headwaters of the New by Joseph Bathanti ... 274
  • Granny by Pauletta Hansel ... 282
  • Tom Collins by Pauletta Hansel... 283
  • Woodchuck by Mark Hart ... 333
  • Gods by Rachel Jennings ... 347
  • Nesting Song by Lucien Darjeun Meadows ... 379


  • Elizabeth Giddens on Voices of Cherokee Women edited by Carolyn Ross Johnston... 348
  • Mary Beth Pennington on Talking Appalachian edited by Amy D. Clark and Nancy M. Hayward... 350
  • Barbara Ellen Smith on Our Roots Run Deep as Ironweed by Shannon Elizabeth Bell...352
  • Jordana Long on Blood Feud: The Hatfields and The McCoys by Lisa Alther... 354
  • David Funderburk on Appalachian Toys and Games from A to Z by Linda Hager Pack, illus. by Pat Banks...355
  • Patrick Bizzaro on Green-Silver and Silent and All That Feeds Us by Marc Harshman...357
  • Fred Chappell on Coal River Road by Kathy Ackerman... 360
  • Jessica Morton on The Evening Hour by Carter Sickels... 362
  • Fred Chappell on Gloss by Ida Stewart... 363
  • Dana Wildsmith on Hiding Ezra by Rita Sims Quillen... 365
  • Fred Chappell on From by Susan O’Dell Underwood...367
  • Courtney Hartnett on The Collected Poems of Cathy Smith Bowers by Cathy Smith Bowers... 369
  • Pauletta Hansel on The Poet’s Wife Speaks by Mary Ellen Miller...372
  • Nicole Delcogliano on Shake Terribly the Earth: Stories from an Appalachian Family by Sarah Beth Childers…375
  • John Thomas York on Sky Under the Roof by Hilda Downer... 377




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