Volume 7 No. 3

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"Sociology and the Study of American Regions" by John Shelton Reed. "Regions, Folk Life and Literary Criticism" by Jim Wayne Miller. "The Emergence of a Capitalistic Labor Market in Eastern Kentucky" by Alan Banks. "The Political Uses of Appalachian Identity after the Civil War" by Gordon B. McKinney. "Let Me Tell You the Story: Transforming Oral Tradition" by David Madden. "Country Records and Blue Ridge Music" by Charles Wolfe. "The Sound of New Made Old: June Appal Records and Folk Tradition" by Charles Camp.

Short fiction by Annabel Thomas ("Daisy is a Hillbilly Name") and poetry by Susan Sheppard ("Song from the Distant Native"). "Mirth-Taking Taken Seriously, A Review/Essay" by Robert Higgs (Gyascutus: Studies in Antebellum Southern Humorous and Sporting Writing ed. James L.W. West III).

Reviews by John Stephenson (The Tribes of America: Journalistic Discoveries of Our People and Their Cultures by Paul Cowan), F. Borden Mace (Appalachia: A Self-Portrait ed. Wendy Ewald), Nancy Dye (Southern Mountain Republicans, 1865-1900; Politics and the Appalachian Community by Gordon B. McKinney), Bill Lightfoot (The Big Sandy by Carol Crowe-Carraco), and Evelyn Hovanec (The Guns of Lattimer: the True Story of a Massacre and a Trial August 1897-March 1898 by Michael Novak).

Brief Reviews by Bill McNeil (In the Pine: Selected Kentucky Folk Songs by Leonard Roberts and C. Buell Agey and The New Harp of Columbia by M.L. Swan), David Brooks (Patch/Work Voices: the Culture and Lore of a Mining People by Dennis F. Brestensky, Evelyn A. Hovanec, and Albert A. Skomra and In Our Blood: Four Coal Mining Families by Matt Witt), and John A. Williams (The Life and Adventures of Daniel Boone by Michael A. Lofaro and The Hatfields and the McCoys by Otis K. Rice).

Brief record reviews by W.H. Ward (Waitin' for the Evening Mail by Riley Puckett, Fiddlin' Arthur Smith & His Dixieliners, 20 Years/Concert Performances by New Lost City Ramblers, New England Contra Dance Music by Strathspey and Arm & Hammer String Band, Mike Auldridge & 'Old Dog', Indian Summer by Phil Rosenthal, and Songs from Woody's Pen by Sammy Walker).


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