Volume 8 No. 1

$10 each

"Land and Capital in Eastern Kentucky, 1890-1915" by Alan Banks. "Living Is More Important than Schooling: Schools and Self Concept in Appalachia" by Una Mae Lange Reck and Gregory Reck. "The Politics of Nostalgia: Uses of the Past in Recent Appalachian Poetry" by Frank Einstein. "Developments in the Appalachian Identity Movement: All Is Process" by David Whisnant. "Black Invisibility and Racism in Appalachia: An Informal Survey" by Edward J. Cabbel. "Double Language: Three Appalachian Poets" by Fred Chappell (Jim Wayne Miller, Hilda Downer, and Robert Morgan).

Review essays by Steve Fisher (Modernizing the Mountaineer: People, Power and Planning in Appalachia by David Whisnant), and Richard M. Simon (Planters and the Making of a "New South": Class, Politics, and Development in North Carolina, 1865-1900 by Dwight Billings).

Reviews by Jim Wayne Miller (Take One Blood Red Rose by Mary Joan Coleman, Going Ahead, Looking Back by Rodney Jones, Mummy Truths by Jim Stokely), Charlotte T. Ross (The Bard of Ottaray: The Life, Letters and Documents of Shepherd Monroe Dugger by Leslie Banner Cottingham and Carol Lowe Timblin), and W.K. McNeil (Yarns and Tales From the Great Smokies: Some Narratives From the Southern Appalachians ed. Joseph S. Hall).

Brief music reviews by W.H. Ward (Decade Waltz by the Dillards, Slumberin' on the Cumberland by John Hartford, Sweet Southern Girl by Dan Crary, Chuckin' the Frizz by the Red Clay Ramblers, and Dixie Highway Sign by Robin and Linda Williams).

Poetry by Eric Weil ("A Need for Sassafras"), Bob Snyder ("A Prophet's Honor"), and Michael Chitwood ("Heart Failure"). Assorted "Signs of the Times" (what they're saying about us in the nation's press).


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